The Elba island

A colour palette a step away from home

Conquest is always a sweet sensation. And if reaching a surprising sea may be considered a conquest, to do it easily, every time one wishes, is even more satisfying.
You cannot admire the sea from the house, but in just a few minutes you may reach not one but three beaches, all close but unique, composed of fragments of extremely fine minerals giving each of them a special colour: the golden Zuccale, always calm and quiet, offering the luxury of solitary swimming in May, and horizons appearing like natural paintings among the Mediterranean scrub and the blue water; Barabarca, green and wild; and Stecchi, petite and lovely, with its small dock that children dive from, surrounded by an iridescent violet and ochre coloured tuff. The latter is the stating point for one of the most capturing coastal trails of the island, leading to Madonna delle Grazie, a spine-tingling experience for runners crossing it either in the early morning or at sunset, through the rosemary, lesser calamint, and lavender-perfumed forests, diving into a microcosm of
colours, shifting from the rainbow-shining rock to the warm and glistening tones of the sands, to the greenblue of the sea.