Casa Mazzacorta

The art of (re)invention


As the British say, what you need to buy is a nice view; you can think of fixing up the house like you want it later…
In the green environment of Capoliveri, a few minutes from the residential area and steps away from the sea, the interior design of the house now reflects – after a fair and square transformation – the essence of the island to say the least. Materials intertwine, fuse, and reflect the character of Elba. The house’s restyling process is based on a careful recovery of raw material, and the uniformity when crossing its different spaces is a gift of harmony and relaxation. Wood is the setup’s dominating element: from the logs beached on the island to the wood brought from the dilapidated mountain lodges of the Piedmont region, both representing sustainability through reuse, with the work carried out by the carpenters Daniele Re and Gabriel Chiodo di Abete
Vecchio (both from Piedmont). Wood is also the material used by the local artist Silvia Casini for her multi-coloured yellow, red, and blue fish.
The Sinopia cement chosen – used for the indoor and outdoor floors as well as some of the walls – bonds perfectly with the colours of the surroundings, also reflected in the artistic pottery by Vittoria d’Aria.
The house extends to the garden, and the garden is embraced by the landscape, along a green yarn sewn by the garden designer Alessandra Puccini linking the inside with the outside. It is all part of a totality of features dialoguing harmonically with their setting and with the island as whole.